Absolutely Naut-VDD

Absolutely Naut-VDD Ver. 4

Specs: Frame redesign, much slimmer profile Switch from 60:1 Copal Gearmotors to Banebots gearmotors, resulting in a much faster drivetrain Reduced gear ratio on weapon for more RPM Folded Titanium armor on front so that it was harder to remove. Probably most successful version of the bot; a really good run of tournaments  

Absolutely Naut-VDD Ver. 2

Specs: Year: 2005 Drive: 60:1 Copal Gearmotors Frame, Battery, and ESC remained unchanged Weapon Motor: VDD Gearbox (Graupner prop gearbox, 280 motor, single stage (5:1?)) Notables: Reused rear casters from Battlebots toys, single titanium scoop replaced with front titanium shield/wedge. Lasted several competitions, successful design, but a little slow drive-wise.