Prussian Pitchfork of Pain

Weight Class: 12lb (Hobbyweight)

Pitchfork was another filler bot for the team. At the time in 2005, we had acquired Xenophobia from Team Cosmos, but ultimately ended up scaring ourselves out of making it functional at the time, between budget and complexity of motors that fit it. What wasn’t intimidating, or costly, was making a cheap steel frame, with two beefy 12v drill motors from a knock-off brand Homier, 8″ colsons, some scrap S7 bits, and a a chisel spike from the hardware store. Pitchfork was a fast moving thwackbot, but ultimately was more for show than being effective. It did have some successful moments, such as taking out Another Fierce Weed Whacker.

Small build report –

More pictures here:



Timestamped for the fight