Buggy of Doom – V2

After the first Pennbots event, I knew that Buggy was going to need an overhaul. A good friend of mine from the robot combat community, Ty McNeer had been good social friends online, and saw my idea and went “I know how we can make this insanely better”. He has a pedigree for crazy things.

I paid a visit to Ty’s shop in Baltimore, and we went to down creating a more streamlined version that allowed us significant weight reduction. Here’s what was done:
– Disassembled the Handiworks drill.
– Ditched the plastic casing.
– Made a new motor mount plate out of polycarbonate, and sandwiched the planetary gearbox to the side rail with bolts.
– Side rail got small detents drilled in to retain the planetary gearbox casing and keep it from slipping.
– Main output shaft cut down, put on a lathe, re-cut a new 3/8-24 outside thread, drilled and tapped a new LHS 10-24 thread for the retaining screw.
Visit to Ty’s captured on the web – Team Radicus – Y-chromosome 1.0 (archive.org)

The height got dropped to 1.5″ tall, and weight before armor left us with 12oz which was plenty.
Updated specs:
3/8″ UHMW Side Rails
1/8″ Polycarbonate Rear Armor, Base plate.
3/16″ Polycarbonate Wedge