Conceptual Chaos

Weight Class: 1lb (Antweight)

One of my first bots I ever made. As I was working on completing Total Anarchy, I was captivated by the ever growing popularity of the insect-weight robots which had just started popping up the year before I started.

Conceptual Chaos’ design was ultimately influenced by needing large wheels to get speed from a non speed-hacked servo. Something I was not comfortable with when I had just gotten started. Even after getting away from servos, I stuck with the big wheels because it would not be the same bot otherwise. What a journey it took me on. I had a great run from 2002-2005 taking this bot everywhere, and really was the anchor for getting great at driving.

Total overall record (somewhere in the ballpark of) – 52-30 35KOs (Pushouts included)

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