Amish Rebellion

Weight Class: 60lb (Lightweight)

Amish Rebellion was formerly Mad Cow’s Revenge, which competed at Battlebots 5.0. I had been friends with Greg at Team Mad Cow, and worked out an agreement to buy the bot as he was moving on to a new version simply named MCR that had a refined design and parts. I picked up Mad Cow’s Revenge at Motorama 2003.

Short summary of retirement was due mostly to funding to make upgrades. The drive batteries could not last a full three minutes at full speed. It did however perform greatly as a wedge. The most memorable moment was going against Rambyte at Motorama 2004.

Versions/Build Reports:
Mad Cow’s Revenge build before ownership – MCR Construction – Refitting MCR – June to August 2002 ( (Anything before September where the new construction started)
Build thread –
Videos below photos


Drive: (2) NPC 1280 motors with a 3.15:1 reduction
Drive Power: 24v 2400mAh C size Nicad pack
Drive Control: 2x Victor 883 Speed Controllers
Weapon: 5000rpm Spinning Disc with teeth belt driven by a CW EV motor.
Weapon Power: 24v 2400mAh C size Nicad pack
Weapon Control: Victor Spin Controller, 90A continuous.

Overall Record (with Anarchy Robotics): 1-8 1KO