Kontraption of Doom

Weight Class: 3lb (Beetleweight)

Originally named, “K-Mart Kontraption of Doom”, I quickly shortened it to the name above. K-Mart was where I got the Salad Bowl that would become the shell spinner’s top. Add some saw blades, and a handi-works drill for the spinner top, and you have yourself a quirky, but low-key effective bot that surprisingly lasted around a year. I started building KoD in November of 2002, with version 1 barely functioning at the December 2002 Robot Club & Grille event. The weapon system was upgraded, and by January of 2003, KoD version 1.1 was back in action. That version carried through until August of 2003, and then an experimental tweak for House of NERC 2003 with a molded Kevlar chassis. After that tweak ended up failing, the version 1 design was dropped in favor of a more modern build. That version 2 build was ultimately never finished.

KoD ended up being a foil for 3PD at the Robot Club & Grille, ultimately ending in KoD winning the final RCG event in May of 2003 when 3PD could not answer the call to return for the second final fight. Its run at RCG will ultimately be its high watermark, as designs continued to grow at exponential rates, KoD was quickly outgunned and overpowered.

Build thread – https://forums.delphiforums.com/antweights/messages/635/1
Old site archive – https://web.archive.org/web/20050326030946/http://www.anarchyrobotics.com:80/page24.htm

Drive – various servos (Hitec 85/225) eventually voltage-modded for 9.6v operation
Battery – KAN950 NiMH 9.6v battery pack. Originally a 7.2v NiCD RC Car Pack before the switch
Weapon – Handi-Works 4.8v drill. Originally a Tamiya planetary gearbox for its initial event.
Weapon Control – Tamiya Motor was an unknown RC controller. Handiworks started with a Team Delta relay switch, then moved to a Great Planes 30A ESC.